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     England   Tour in the south of England 2007

And in the second part:

     England   Tour in the south of England 2018

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In 2007 in July, we have made a tour in England. We always stayed two days at an hotel.
The route was: _ Salisbury (Wiltshire)  - Sherborne (Dorset) - Tavistock (Devon) - Tintagel (Cornwall) - Bath (Somerset)

We had National trust pass. It costs a lot, but than you have free entry to many beautiful places. And England is not cheap.

I will describe a number of beautiful areas  and gardens.  


Salisbury is located on the River Avon. The Salisbury Cathedral from the 13th century is definitely worth a visit.

Salisbury... Salisbury, Salisbury Cathedral
Salisbury, Old Sarum  Before we went to Stonehenge we went to 'Old Sarum'. The Normans built a castle there. As you can see, only the foundations are left.



Near Salisbury lies Stonehenge. We have already visited it 15 years ago. It was still fascinating to see this ancient  monument (3250 and 1500 v. Chr ) in this grand landscape.
You also can walk through the meadows to the many  barrows (burial mounds were built in the early Bronze Age) There is not much to see, but the sight is beautiful and there are growing many plants near the barrows (for the lover of nature).
There are several stone circles in Great Britain. But this is the best known. It is amazing that the stones have been  transported over a large distance.
There is also a
relationship between Stonehenge and the sun.
The midsummer's morning the sun rises directly over the Heel Stone and the first rays shone into the centre of the monument between the open arms of the horseshoe arrangement. The midsummer sun always rises exactly opposite the setting of the midwinter sun. (
Trilithons, the pairs of standing stones that form a horseshoe shape in the center of the Sarsen circle)
Then the weather changed and we got a beautiful sky for the photos

Stonehenge... Stonehenge, barrows


Wilton House

This English country house is located in Wiltshire near Salisbury. The house and gardens have been open to the public since 1951.

Wilton House... Wilton House
Wilton House   


Montacute House

Montacute House... Montacute House
Montacute House... Montacute House

Tintinhull Garden.

Tintinhull Garden... Tintinhull Garden
Tintinhull Garden  Tintinhull Garden  Tintinhull Garden

From Sherborne we have driven first  to the Montacute House. There’s a nice park surrounding the house, where we have walked. Near Moutacute House lies Tintinhull garden.  For both we had a free visit. 
The formal garden is laid out into areas separated by walls and hedges. The borders are very beautiful. The kitchen garden we did not find very attractive.

New Sherborne Castle  

New Sherborne Castle , Old Castle... New Sherborne Castle

New Sherborne Castle   New Sherborne Castle

At Sherborne lies the New Sherborne Castle and  also the old castle (ruïne), which is already visible  from the entrance of the park. You can walk around the lake. The garden with flowers is  not so large. There was held a wedding reception in the orangery.   

Dartmoor National Park

After Sherborne we went direction Tavistock. We have driven through the Dartmoor National park. 
As you see, it was rather foggy. The area is 945 km2. Outside the area it was rainy, but not foggy. It seems however normal in this area. It was very fairy-like. 
Now and then sheep and pony's loomed up in the fog. They may walk on the road. It is an area of peat-moor, heath, ferns, steams and granite rocks. 
The next day we have taken another road. How the foggy part really looks I can’t tell.  

Dartmoor National Park. ... Dartmoor National Park. . Dartmoor National Park. . Dartmoor National Park.     


 Castle Drogo         

Castle Drogo... Castle Drogo
Castle Drogo  Castle Drogo  Castle Drogo

To the north of Dartmoor lies Castle Drogo. This is the last castle, which has been built in England. The castle was built between 1910 and 1930. It was designed by the English architect Edwin Lutyens (from Dutch origin, I’ve read) for Julius Drewe, the founder of the Home and Colonial Stores. It has granite walls. There’s also a garden. The centerpiece is the sunken Rose Garden. On either side are the stunning herbaceous borders.
Nearer to the castle is the rhododendron garden which will be beautiful in spring.

Eden Project

From Tavistock to Tintagel we have gone first to Eden Project in Cornwall. There are two giant, multi-domed greenhouses. Some years ago I had seen a reportage on television, when they were building the project. It lies 5 km from Saint Austell and is located in a reclaimed china clay pit. It is opened in 2001.
We had to make choice between this and the Lost Gardens of  Heligan. Both on a day is to much, because you can stay there for some hours.  
The aim of the project is to show the dependence of people on nature. You get information and simple practical ideas on how to care for the plants and their habitats, that provide for us. Working for a better future.  

The most impressive section, is the multi-domed greenhouse that recreates the natural environment of a tropical rainforest. The second “greenhouse” has plant life from Southern Africa, the Mediterranean an California. Outside are also many plants to admire.  
Arts is also important. They try to use art to illustrate the link between plants and people.

Eden Project... Eden Project
Eden Project   
Eden Project  Eden Project  Eden Project. Eden Project. Eden Project. Eden Project

 Tintagel Castle

Tintagel Castle... Tintagel Castle  uitzicht
Tintagel Castle  Tintagel Castle  Tintagel   kust. Tintagel  kust                              

Legends told of how Arthur was born and even lived at Tintagel Castle. Coastal erosion has resulted in the castle being part the mainland and part on a 90 meters high peninsula. You can over a bridge to the peninsula. From the ruins you have a fantastic view over the Atlantic Ocean.
Below the bridge and the castle is the Merlin's  Cave. These continue under the castle.
We met many walkers. There’s a path along the coast.  


This was a rainy day. Therefore we stayed the whole day in Bath. 
he Romans built  temple and bathing complex that still flows with natural hot water. These  mineral springs were already used before the Roman.  At least 10.000 years ago. We found the city with the many broad streets not very beautiful. But perhaps it was because of the bad weather.  


     England   Tour in the south of England 2018

11 years later we decided to go to Cornwall again. This time 2 nights in a hotel in Exford, 3 nights in the far south in a hotel in The Lizard, 2 nights in a hotel in Tavistock.


Hoek van Holland 
Hoek van Holland  We took the boat from Hoek van Holland to Harwich. We slept on board.
The next morning we drove to Exford. Along the way we were in traffic around London and also twice because of an accident. We therefore only had time to view Cheddar.



Cheddar... Cheddar
To reach Cheddar you drive through a ravine. In Cheddar you can visit two caves. Furthermore, it is known for its cheese.

Dunster Castle

Dunster Castle

Dunster Castle is built on a steep hill near the town of Dunster and has been in the possession of the Luttrell family for 600 years. Both the gardens and the castle can be visited. Near the castle is an old church.

Dunster Castle... Dunster Castle
Dunster Castle... Dunster Castle 
Dunster Castle... Dunster Castle
Dunster Castle... Dunster Castle

Lynmouth and Lynton

Lynmouth, Lynton... Lynmouth, Lynton   
Lynmouth, Lynton... Lynmouth, Lynton
The harbor Lynmouth is connected to the much higher Lynton by means of a water-powered funicular railway. Despite the rain we had a great view.

Tintagel Castle

Tintagel, old post office... Tintagel Castle
Tintagel Castle... Tintagel Castle
Tintagel Castle... Tintagel Castle
Tintagel Castle  Tintagel Castle  Tintagel Castle. Tintagel Castle. Tintagel Castle. Tintagel Castle. Tintagel Castle
In 2007 we had a hotel at Tintagel. Now we have visited Tintagel Castle when we drove to the next hotel. I have also added a picture of the very old post office in Tintagel this time.

Housel Bay Hotel in The Lizard.

Housel Bay Hotel, The Lizard.

I usually don't put photos of hotels on the website, but nature was so beautiful here. It is on the most southern part of Cornwall. Near the hotel you can see the lighthouse (second photo).

lighthouse, The Lizard.... Housel Bay Hotel, The Lizard.
Housel Bay Hotel, The Lizard.... lighthouse, The Lizard.


Glendurgan Garden

There are some gardens in the neighborhood. We have chosen the Glendurgan Garden. Known for a maze of hedges from 1833. But I found the beautiful trees, exotic and wild plants more interesting. Especially the  I found very beautiful.
Down you end up at a beach. Then you walk along another path back to the entrance.

Glendurgan Garden
Glendurgan Garden... Glendurgan Garden
Glendurgan Garden... Glendurgan Garden
Glendurgan Garden... Glendurgan Garden   
Glendurgan Garden... Glendurgan Garden    
Glendurgan Garden  Glendurgan Garden  Glendurgan Garden. Glendurgan Garden. Glendurgan Garden


Pendennis Castle

Pendennis Castle

After the visit to the garden we drove to the Pendennis Castle. It was built by Henry VIII in 1548. Later it was besieged by the troops of Cromwell. Now you can see all kinds of weapons and you have a beautiful view over the coast.

Pendennis Castle... Pendennis Castle
Pendennis Castle  Pendennis Castle

St Yves and the Tate Museum

... St Yves, Tate Museum
St Yves, Tate Museum... St Yves, Tate Museum
St Yves, Tate Museum St Yves, Tate Museum St Yves, Tate Museum. St Yves, Tate Museum
St Yves was a fishing port, but is now more of a seaside resort. At the beach is the Tate Museum, where abstract art hangs. Art of many artists, who lived in St Yves in the 20th century, but also a painting by Dutch artists Pieter Mondriaan and Karel Appel. The museum is part of the Tate Gallery, network of four museums in England: Tate Britain (1897), Tate Liverpool (1988), Tate St Ives (1993) and Tate Modern (2000).

Lost Gardens of  Heligan

11 years ago we had opted for the Eden Project. That's why we went to the Lost Gardens of Heligan when we drove to our last hotel.

The garden was forgotten for 75 years and completely overgrown with blackberry bushes. The dune has been restored by many volunteers under the leadership of Tim Smit, a Dutch archaeologist. There are many different gardens, a Jungle Valley, walled gardens, a vegetable garden, an Italian garden, picnic areas, but also pastures with cattle.
I especially liked the tortuous trunks of the very old rhododendrons.

Lost Gardens of  Heligan
Lost Gardens of  Heligan... Lost Gardens of  Heligan
Lost Gardens of  Heligan... Lost Gardens of  Heligan
Lost Gardens of  Heligan... Lost Gardens of  Heligan




Our hotel was in the center of Tavistock. There are a few very nice old buildings and the covered market is worth a visit. Furthermore, there was not much to see.

Tavistock... Tavistock, market

Dartmoor National Park.

Dartmoor National Park.... Dartmoor National Park.
Dartmoor National Park.... Dartmoor National Park.
Tavistock lies on the border of the Dartmoor National Park. The photos were taken in a different place than the last time. There was no moorland here, there are horses and sheep. You see this landscape all around you. Very impressive and natural .... again foggy, but less than on our previous visit.

Buckland Abbey

Buckland Abbey

Nearby is Buckland Abbey. Originally it was the abbey. But confiscated by Henry VIII and sold in 1541 to Sir Grenville. The abbey was converted into a residence. In 1581 Sir Francis Drake became the owner. Now it is from the National Trust.

From 19 February to 23 September, a four-meter-high, glittering egg from Andrew Logan was exhibited in the barn.

Buckland Abbey... Buckland Abbey
Buckland Abbey, egg of Andrew Logan... Buckland Abbey


Colchester Castle

Colchester Castle... Colchester Castle
Colchester Castle and park... Colchester Castle and park
Colchester Castle and park... Colchester Castle and park. Eekhoorn, squirrel
On the way back we could see Stonehenge, but this time we drove to Colchester. That is close to Harwich, so we knew for sure that we would be on time for the boat. In Colchester is a castle with a beautiful park. The castle was already closed, but it was nice to walk through the park. We saw many squirrels.


This time we had a navigator in the car for England for the first time. Sometimes it searched for a very short route. The roads were then so narrow that you had to drive a lot backwards if you met an oncoming car. And of course there were again the many roads with the hedges. Because you are left as a driver, you have less visibility in the many corners. But that also makes driving a lot of fun.

Of course we haven't seen everything. We skipped St. Michael's Mount, because Saturday everything is closed and Sunday the gardens around the castle are closed and those were the days we were in the neighbourhood. But there were plenty of other things to see


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