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Winter January 2004  

Dorpsstraat winter 2004...... winter garden

The photos belong to spring, because they have been taken in March 2005. But itís a wintery atmosphere.

winter, street...... winter

The street was fairy-like. The first trees on the left are chestnut trees.     


A peanut feeder, a wire-mesh, cylindrical cage, with holes for shelled peanuts. Several species, including titmouses Eurasian Jay,  and woodpeckers, consume peanuts. I Ďve made some holes larger. So it is easier for the birds to get the peanuts.


peanut feeder  Snow has bent the tops of the bamboos  
garage  nestkastje  schuurtje. achtertuin. berk met kastanje. an appletree  and a bark. fuchsiaand and euphorbia in winter. doorkijkje   


Winter  JanuarY 2006

A grey heron is watching the pond  from the roof of  the neighbours.  

Grey Heron  back garden  back garden. rose in  winterplatform bird feederfront garden. front garden. front garden


Winter February 2007

marguerite daisy (chrysanthemum frutescens),  a drone flie..... pond, bamboo (phyllostachys bissetti)
Two extremes.
The left photograph has been made 3rd February. On the marguerite daisy (chrysanthemum frutescens) a drone fly thought spring had already started. A flowering marguerite daisy is also unusual.
The photograph of the pond with the bamboo (Phyllostachys bissetti) has been taken on 8th February.  (5 days later!) I have the bamboo surrounded with a barrier of special plastic. Depth: 80 cm. So the rhizomes canít  break through the  of the pond foil
marguerite daisy (chrysanthemum frutescens) , a drone flie Golden Chain

Winter December 2007

22 December I have taken some photographs on different times. It was a beautiful day

Winter  Winter  Winter. Winter. Winter           


Winter December 2009

One photo of the garden. And some photos of the berries and flowers in winter.

Photos 19 December.

The pound and the bamboo...... The dried flowers of the hortensia are also beautiful in winter.           
The pound and the bamboo. The dried flowers of the hortensia are also beautiful in winter.           
Each winter a rose is still flowering.†..... The heath is very early flowering.            
Each winter a rose is still flowering. The heath is very early flowering.           
broodboom-besjes-winter-19-.jpg (118539 bytes) Berries of a gold-dust plant. They are not red yet. hulst-besjes-19--12--09.jpg (179609 bytes) Berries of the holly. ligustert-besjes-19--12--09.jpg (112588 bytes) Berries of the privet.


a robin  a heron There are many birds  in the garden. But in summer they are less shy. The robin I photographed through the window.
The heron flew away immediately when it saw me.

Walk in the winter. December 20, 2009.

There was snow and the sky looked beautiful. This time I did not walk to the dunes. But to the forest and to the meadow opposite the forest.

 front garden  street  street. forest in winter. The first picture is from the front garden. In the second picture, I look back. Our house is about five minutes walk away from the forest.             
forest in winter...... forest in winter.. forest in winter.... A tree stump with a statue.      
Over the wooden bridge you come to a forest path. I've taken the high road.
At the crossroads a tree is cut down. A part has been left with a statue on it. Sin of the tree. But it is very nice
forest in winter...... to the meadows.           
In the forest on the right. If the ice is thick enough, especially young children enjoy skating here. I walked back to the road. On the left are meadows. There is also a footpath.            
meadows in winter...... meadows in winter.           
meadows in winter.    meadows in winter.   Now you have wonderful views. 
meadows in winter.... meadows in winter.. back in the vilage.. meadows in winter.       
If you  enlarge the last photo, you can read on the board  "paddenpad" . That means toad path.  But  now you will not see toads. I walked back home.           



back garden A few winter pictures ... Taken on 3/1/2010.

back garden.. back garden.. back garden, pond      
back garden in the shade.. great tit.. blackbird with apple      
blackbird with apple.. European Robin.. blackbird with apple      
view back garden.. view front garden, street.. view front garden, street      
Fieldfare (Turdus pilaris).. Fieldfare (Turdus pilaris)  Fieldfare (Turdus pilaris) Family thrushes (Turdidae). Photo 30/1/2010 
They breed in the Netherlands in Limburg. Here you see them only as a winter host.
Common Wood Pigeon (Columba palumbus)... Common Wood Pigeon (Columba palumbus)  Common Wood Pigeon (Columba palumbus) Photo 31/1/2010
The largest pigeon species in the Netherlands. They have messy nests in the trees in and near our garden.

Winter December 2010, 18 December and 20 December

De Dorpsstraat heb ik al vaak gefotografeerd. Het is elke keer weer anders. (18-12-2010)..... De kastanje naast de bijkeuken. (18-12-2010)    
The Dorpsstraat (Village street) I have often photographed. It's different every time. (18-12-2010)  The chestnut tree next to the pantry. (18-12-2010)   
20 december was het veel mooier weer. Hier nog een foto van de kastanje naast de schuur...... 20 december. De palm overwintert naast het huis.        
December 20 the weather was much better . Here is a picture of the chestnut next to the garage.  December 20. The palm overwinters next to the house.    

Then I also walked to the dunes. Photos can be found at Dunes

Chinese windmill palm, windmill palm, Chusan palm, (Trachycarpus fortunei)   Chinese windmill palm, windmill palm, Chusan palm, (Trachycarpus fortunei) Photo 8-2-2021.
A hardy palm, which we bought small but which is now getting too big for the protective cover, which I have used every year just to be safe.


Halsbandparkiet (Psittacula krameri)    Rose-ringed parakeet (Psittacula krameri)   Photo 11-1-2022.
A parrot from tropical Africa and South Asia, which was once brought to Europe as an aviary bird. But now as an exotic established in many European countries. They are mainly found in the parks of our cities. This is the first time I saw such a bird in the garden. As you can see they like peanuts. but they are omnivores, and can be a nuisance if they are in large groups. But it is a beautiful green bird.


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