Ireland  surroundings of Limmerick

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  Ireland   surroundings of Limerick (region Shannon)

When our son studied in 1997, in Limerick (a city to the west coast), we have visited him and we have stayed a week. We had taken the boat of Hoek van Holland. And afterwards  we have crossed England with the car. We had been in England, but never in Ireland. The warmer countries has had the preference. 
Although we only have seen a small part, the island has made an unforgettable impression.  

 Cliffs of Moher ...  Cliffs of Moher

 Cliffs of Moher ...  Cliffs of Moher


The Cliffs or Moher are overwhelming. They belong to the highest cliffs of Europe. The Cliffs are 214m high at the highest point. Far in the depth you can see all kinds of sea birds.
You can walk along the cliffs. One path was for me to close to the brink

On the road to the Burren.      On the road to the Burren.    

The Burren... The Burren    

The Burren... The Burren                 

The Burren. (Irish: Boireann, meaning Great rock) At the north of the cliffs. It is a karst limestone region of approximately 160 sq km. It seems you are walking in a moon landscape. Everywhere you see stones.
Between the rocks grows a
remarkable variety of wild flowers (also orchids During Cromwell's campaigns in Ireland one of his generals said of the Burren "There isn't tree to hang a man, water to drown a man nor soil to bury a man". Not a friendly man, I think


Ireland... Ireland                                       

On the way back direction Dublin you also will see many beautiful landscapes. Especially if you leave the main road.
The shrub with yellow flowers is supposedly
common gorse (Ulex gallii). You see it often and  is closely related to the brooms. But then with spines.  



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