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Queenís tears, Billbergia is a genus of the botanical family Bromeliaceae. Propagation is usually done by taking rooted offshoots or ĎPupsí from the original plants. The pups will develop at the base of plant and grow as a clump  They will bloom in 1-3 years. In summer I have the billbergia in the garden. This time I was too late to take it inside. It did not like the frost. Thatís why the leaves are not so beautiful.
The other photo has been made a year later (December 2006) 

Bilbergia..... bilbergia met palm
bilbergia-flower   bilbergia-flower

Cacti and other succulent plants are fascinating plants. Unfortunately I have because of  the chestnuts in my garden not much light in house. I have a little greenhouse now, but most of the plants are in the garden in summer. In  winter I have a number of euphorbias inside The rest stands in the bedrooms and in the kitchen. You also see an Echinocactus.
The right photo has been taken later (February 2007). All plants on the left photo are still in life.

euphorbia in de winter.....

A look in the indoor pencil tree, aveloz or milk bush (Euphorbia tirucalli) almost reach the ceiling. Fortunately it can be pruned. More inforematioen on the page Euphorbia.
In the bathroom we have a Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) Family Liliaceae. One of the most common houseplants I think. A very easy plant. The plants need bright indirect sunlight. Long wiry stems appear on healthy plants with many small white flowers and miniature plantlets. If these new plantlets touch soil, they will root. During the winter they donít need high temperatures, but they don.t survive in our garden. In the summer they grow well in the garden. It has linear leaves that are green or striped white. I have both.  



The Huernias are easy to grow (There are many species) Native to Africa. It blooms from spring  to winter and it prefers a bright shade.
The cactus with most beautiful flowers I think, is the Echinopsis leucantha. This species is cold-hardy, if it is kept dry in the winter.

Huernia penzigi..... Echinopsis leucantha


Because my Bush lily (clivia) had many scale insects, I have planted it outside in spring. It was not an ideal spot. The leaves were sun burned. In South Africa it  grows in the shade of trees and shrubs. In the autumn the plant recovered and survived the frost in December. 
I saw to my large stupefaction That on 30 December two flowers appeared. And I didnít see any scale insects. Then Iíve taken it inside our house. In February we had splendid flowers.
In house the plant has to rest from October to December, temperature about 10 degrees Celsius. During flowering it has to be warmer and the bush lily needs more water.  

clivia..... clivia
clivia. clivia. clivia. clivia. clivia


The aloe has also survived the winter (I donít know the species). IĎve also got an aloe inside (first image) But the mother plant became much too large. One year Iíve put it  in a barn in winter. But in 2006 Iíve left it in the garden under branches of the English yew. I have taken this photograph on 26 February 2007.
Itís very easy to take cuttings. They grow very fast.  

aloŽ..... aloŽ. aloŽ. aloŽ


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