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     Spain  Tour in the south of Spain  (Andalusia) 


In  2008 in May, we have made a tour of eight days in Andalusia. We had travelled by plane to Malaga. In Malaga we have hired a car.  


Parking for visitors of El Torcal.... Road to the west of  El Torcal
Road to the west of  El Torcal. Parking for visitors of El Torcal.
El Torcal... View from Anteguera

El Torcal. View from Anteguera

From Anteguera we have visited el Torcal. This is a karst plateau (20 km˛). There are limestone rock formations, which has been formed by erosion. The plateau is approximately 1000m high. The visit has been rather short because we arrived later. There were problems with the radar of the plane. We had to return to Schiphol Amsterdam. There we departed for the second time, when they had repaired the radar. Nevertheless we wanted to visit the this area, because we also have visited a karst area in Ireland (the burren(s)) and in Czechia   ( Prachovské Skály).
There were very few tourists. 


From Palma del Rio we have visited Sevilla the first day. We couldn’t  find  a parking place. In the centre we found  small square. But when we returned, there was a ticket  behind the  however an order behind the windshield wiper (150 euro or 105 euro when you pay within a month). We have tried to pay it after the weekend at some banks. But that is in Spain impossible, when you have hired a car. The car hire company will solve the problem  for us, we hope.  (June 2009: We have nothing heard about it.)


Alcazar... The cathedral of Sevilla.
The cathedral of Sevilla and Alcazar The first queue is for the entry of Alcazar. The other for the Cathedral. We were standing in the queue for Alcazar. The cathedral has been built on the place of a mosque. (1402 continuing into the 16th century.) 
This is the largest Gothic church in the world.  
Reales Alcazar ... Reales Alcazar .. Reales Alcazar
The royal palace Alcázar of Sevilla. It looks like the Alhambra in Granada. 
It is built by Moorish workmen of Granada (from 1364) For a Christian king. He did not have a nice name, namely Pedro the Cruel.
The gardens of Alcázar of Sevilla.

The gardens of Alcázar of Sevilla. A part in Moor, a part in Renaissance style. There is also a modern part. There are many beautiful trees, palms, many birds and beautiful buildings on the background.

The gardens of Alcázar of Sevilla. The gardens of Alcázar of Sevilla. The gardens of Alcázar of Sevilla... The gardens of Alcázar of Sevilla. The gardens of Alcázar of Sevilla. The gardens of Alcázar of Sevilla... The gardens of Alcázar of Sevilla. The gardens of Alcázar of Sevilla. The gardens of Alcázar of Sevilla. 


75-cordoba.jpg (129305 bytes) Cordoba is also a city, which you have to visit. In the historic centre (the Jewish quarter. The many Jews lived there until the middle ages) are a lot of narrow streets with all kinds of little shops.   

Mezquita...  Mezquita.. Mezquita.. Mezquita

Mezquita. The construction of the mosque lasted for over two centuries. (785 – 1009) It has a surface of 175 m. x 135 m. The plain exterior contrasts with the decorated interiors.  

In the heart of the mosque is constructed a Renaissance cathedral. It was constructed by permission of Carlos V. Therefore some of the many columns are removed.
For a part of Mezquita is no ticket necessary.
Alcazar de los Reyes Chritianos... Alcazar de los Reyes Chritianosll Alcazar de los Reyes Chritianos

Alcázar de los Reyes Critianos. (The Alcázar of Córdoba) A part of a fortress (beginning 13th century) The building itself is not very interesting.

The gardens, with levels of rectangular ponds, fountains, trees and flowers is the most visited part.  


Priego de Cordoba.... Priego de Cordoba.
Priego de Cordoba. I don’t  tell about all visited towns, but from the oldest section of Priego on a high cliff we had a beautiful view.
From Priego de Cordoba we have driven along a beautiful route through the mountains to the next hotel. That was a 50 km long small winding road with splendid views. But because I have fear of heights I regretted our choice.

As last we have gone to Granada.
Of course we have visited the Alhambra. (Alhambra means in Arab red fortress) It
is a palace and fortress complex on a hilly terrace. Around the complex with gardens is a wall. When you arrive in Granada, you see the Sierra Nevada with snow on the mountains.


Buildings: The royal palace the Alhambra (Palacios Nazaries). Entrance to the Nasrid Palaces is strictly limited to the half hour indicated on your ticket due to the restrictions on maximum capacity in this area (350 people each half hour).That can be in the morning and in the afternoon or night.
Than you can stay in the palace as long as you want. With this ticket you can also visit the other buildings and garden.
Tickets are sold out for many dates so you should book tickets in advance.

Alcazaba  The fortified military complex
Generalife Leisure villa of the sultans of Granada
The garden complex

Palace of Charles V
No ticket is necessary to visit the palace and the museum. The museum was closed however


An inner circular patio of the palace of Charles V.... the palace of Charles V.... the palace of Charles V and the garden

An inner circular patio of the palace of Charles V. The construction was started in 1533 under Charles V and has continued under Pillip II. But it never has been entirely completed. The Renasentist construction contrast sharply with the Palacios Nazaries.

The garden in front of the palace are also beautiful.

The Alcazaba... The Alcazaba - view... The Alcazaba - view Granada

The Alcazaba. The fortified military complex On the left photo to see you the central patio with the fundaments of the  Military Quarter and living quarters.  

From the towers you get a beautiful view of Granada. I did not succeed to photograph the snow on the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

Generalife... Generalife... Generalife... Generalife
Generalife. (Arabic: Jannat al-'Arif - Architect's Garden) 
It was the summer palace of the Nasrid sultans of Granada. The complex consists gardens, pools, and pavilions.

It is linked to the Palacios Nazaries and now also to the other gardens.
The garden complex.... The garden complex. - the Santa Maria de la Alhambra church
The garden complex.  The garden complex.  The garden complex.
The garden complex. The entrance to the gardens is near the  Palace of Charles V
The spire on the photograph is of
Santa Maria de la Alhambra
church. This church is constructed on the place of a mosque. In the church is not much to see.
Palacios Nazaries... Palacios Nazaries
Palacios Nazaries. The buildings are completed during the rule of Yusuf I and Mohammed V in the 14th centuriy. Afterwards in the Christian centuries some buildings are changed or destroyed. What you now see is a part.  
Palacios Nazaries Palacios Nazaries Granada  -  Alhambra. Het plafond van bewerkt cederhout van de troonzaal.. Palacios Nazaries Palacios Nazaries.. Palacios Nazaries Palacios Nazaries


Zwaluwen bij het hotel... Zwaluwen bij het hotel

Swallows at the hotel.

Opuntias.... Olive grove.
Opuntias. Olive grove. 

Of the other photos I have selected a few. The swallows, which we saw at each hotel. The opuntias along the way. And of course a picture of an olive grove.       

We have enjoyed our holidays. In May the temperature is still pleasant. (Nevertheless almost thirty degrees) If you speak no Spanish a dictionary is important. 
The main roads are very well. I ‘ve seen to many people, who don’t keep much distance.


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