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     Czechia   Bohemian Paradise,  Moravia  2004

One year we have made a tour and one year we have stayed about thirty kilometers under Prague near a reservoir. Czechia is a beautiful  and still a cheap country. (Except perhaps the centre of Prague) I have selected some areas.  


Prachovské Skály  (Prachov Rots)... Prachovské Skály  (Prachov Rots)

Eighty kilometres north of Prague, under the Giant Mountains is the area "the Bohemian Paradise". The most visited part is Prachovské Skály (Prachov Peaks). The rock town was created through eroding of the originally compact table of rectangulary shaped sandstones of the latest chalk period with characteristic basaltic places. It spreads out over an area of 187 hectares.
We  have driven from the
Giant Mountains (which is also a beautiful area) to the Prachov Peaks. On the rocks of the first photo you can see rock climbers (very small) I think they don’t have a fear of heights. For the photos it was better, if I had stood a little closer to the green railing.
You can walk there very well. Also when you have fear of heights.  

Prachovské Skály  (Prachov Rots).. Prachovské Skály  (Prachov Rots).. Prachovské Skály  (Prachov Rots).. Prachovské Skály  (Prachov Rots)


the Moravische Karst... the Moravische Karst


Moravia lies in the eastern part of Czechia. There lies also the protected landscape area the Moravian Karst
In this limestone area (about 92 km2) are more than 1000 caves and gorges. But only 4 caves are open to public. You can walk there very well too.  
Here to see you such a gorge. It seems to bee a collapsed cave. I hope, the other caves are more reliable.


open air museum Roznov pod Radhostem... open air museum Roznov pod Radhostem.. open air museum Roznov pod Radhostem.. open air museum Roznov pod Radhostem.. open air museum Roznov pod Radhostem

In southeast Moravia lies the city Roznov pod Radhostem. It has a famous open air museum.  
It was founded in 1925 by local activists determined to rescue the characteristic wooden buildings.
The museum is concentrated in three localities. The Little Wooden Town with citizen timber buildings and the church, the Wallachian Village and the Mill Valley with timbered farmsteads, mills and other village buildings.
We have enjoyed our visit!!


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