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  Scotland                        Tour  2002

After Ireland we wanted to visit Scotland. We have made a tour from Newcastle. From there we took the road along the Hadrianís wall. In this region much of the wall has disappeared. 

Hadrianís wall

After the wall we went direction Glasgow. From Glasgow to Drymen. From Drymen to Fort William. Then Inverness. That was our most northern point and most wettest. It rained the whole day. But furthermore the weather was better than expected. From Inverness we went direction Edinburgh. (Is certainly worth visiting)  

Landscape near Fort William.... Glenfinnan monument

Close to the town Fort William is located the mount Ben Nevis. We had to look on a picture postcard, for we could not see the mountain because of the fog.

In the surroundings the weather was better. Here we have driven round and have walked. The nature was beautiful. We  have driven to the Glenfinnan monument.  It was here in august 1745 that Bonnie Prince Charlie raised the standard for the Jacobite. Prince Charles Edward Stewart's father was declared King. (At the west of Fort William.)  

We saw the sun, when we drove to Inverness. But also again the fog. You can see it on the photo of the castle (or ruins) Urquhart at Loch Ness. At the castle it is sunny. But we did not see the other site of the lake. Perhaps thatís why we did not see either the Loch Ness monster.  

castle Urquhart

Cairn Gorm.... Cairn Gorm... Cairn Gorm 

If you take from Perth the A6 to Inverness, you drive along a mountain landscape "the Cairngorm Mountains" named after Cairn Gorm (Blue Cairn in the Scottish Gaelic language), 1245m.
It is a ski area.
In the neighbourhood  of Aviemore you can take the CairnGorm Mountain Railway. A funicular railway. For two kilometers it climbs 460 m to the station. There you have a restaurant complete with stunning panoramic views. From the restaurant you cannot walk through the high mountain environment. Then you have to walk from the car park at the base station.  

At Aberfeldy near Pittlochry, we have visited the Cluny house Gardens. We had no great  expectations. Especially when we drove on the  small roads to the garden.
But it was much better than expected. A small part of the garden is at the house. 
Afterwards you descend the mount slope. It is rather wet there. There are many primula species
Suddenly we stood for a
Sequoia gigantea (giant wellingtonia) We did not notice it, because it did not stand on top of the slope. But it is really a giant.
In the shrubs grows flame creeper  (tropaeolum speciosum) family of the well-known nose-twister. These are winter-hardy, is a climber. There were many flowers in the shade. In the Netherlands I havenít found it in the garden centres. We also liked the Giant Himalayan lilies. The flowers become over two meters high. We also bought  seed. 
At home Iíve sawn the the lilies. ButÖÖ lilies, nothing!!! Iíve made a photo of the seed.
All in all, it was an interesting and enjoyable day.

Cluny House Gardens..  Cluny House Gardens.. Cluny House Gardens Sequoia.. Cluny-House-Gardens-oostind.jpg (183555 bytes).. giant himalayan lily

Scottish sheep  

These Scottish sheep at the end of my report.


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